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Kamene Goro Celebrates Her Appointment As New The New CEO Of NRG Radio

Renown Radio presenter Kamene Goro is making a comeback at NRG Radio, this round as the Chief Executive Officer.

The news was shared by NRG on their social media platforms.

“She is back home. A CEO that doesn’t give a f***k. Join us in welcoming Kamene Goro who is joining NRG as CEO,” the radio station announced.

Reacting to the news, Kamene Goro said, “The year 32 has come with all the blessings.”

Kamene and her former co-host Andrew Kibe quit NRG in 2019, where they were hosting the breakfast show. The pair joined Kiss FM  to replace Adelle Onyango, who had quit.

Her new role however comes a year after she left Kiss FM.

Previously, Kamene denied claims that she was fired from the radio Africa-owned radio saying that she left because her contract had expired and she did not seek to renew it.

“I have seen these stories, the truth is I was not fired, my contract lapsed and there was no need to move forward with it. I was however sick last year and I followed the protocol, gave in the letters, I never showed up at work sometimes but it is because I was sick. I also never showed up at work intoxicated because I run the desk and you can’t run the desk when you are drunk,” she said.

Later in October 2023, she explained why she did not renew her contract despite being approached by the programmes controller.

“My contract was due 28/29 of January and the previous year in December, Sinclair( Radio Africa Group Program controller)called me to talk about my contract renewal and I said that I didn’t intend on renewing my contract. I told him that I am not enjoying the job that I am doing anymore, it’s starting to weigh down on my health,” explained Kamene.



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