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Kamene Goro Addresses Claims Of ‘Extending An Olive Branch’ To Andrew Kibe

Popular media personality Kamene Goro has distanced herself from a YouTube channel that has been sharing her old videos with her friend-turned foe Andrew Kibe.

The pseudo channel has a total of 35k subscribers and its content has been revolving about Kamene’s life in the media industry.

Most of the latest videos have been about Kamene and Kibe’s good moments, thus sparking mixed reactions among fans. Some claimed that Kamene was making an effort to reconcile with Kibe by sharing the videos while as others suggested that she was missing the good old times with Kibe.

The former Kiss FM breakfast host has however rubbished the allegations saying she has not made any attempt to reach out to Kibe.

She further said that her official YouTube channel is still clean.

“Not me, my YouTube page is still empty. No olive branch, not reminiscing anything,” she wrote on Insta stories.


This comes at a time when Kibe revealed that Kamene is among the celebrities who have blocked him. Kibe accused Kamene of behaving wickedly towards yet they had been colleagues.

“How do you block me on IG? What kind of heart do you have? My former workmate Kamene Goro. Why did you do that. Why are you so wicked? Or is because I am not a DJ. This is a person we have worked with, she blocked me,” Kibe said.





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