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Kambua Gives The Public First Glimpse Of Her Adorable Baby Born Months Ago In Secret

Kambua revealed she had given birth just hours after she announced that she was pregnant again.

The gospel singer announced she was pregnant for the third time through a post on social media on November 28, 2022.

Her announcement was greeted with messages of encouragement and congratulations given that she lost a son last year.

The ‘Nishikilie’ hitmaker on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, revealed she had given birth through a post on social media.

Kambua confessed that her daughter was born a couple of months ago but she kept the good news from the public until November 29.

She gave her fans a glimpse of her adorable little bundles of joy, saying that her daughter was the most beautiful thing she had ever laid her eyes on.

“Nathalie Nyacira Muthiga Mathu. Most beautiful little girl I have laid my eyes on, with a gentle spirit to match. The last couple of months have been so precious with you, my rainbow ūüĆą.
It is truly an honor being your mama.

“My God- my great and exceeding compensation; thank you for blessing us. God of Kambua, thank you for remaining true to who you are. Kwa Yale yote umetenda niruhusu nitoe shukurani ūü¶čūüĖ§,” Kambua wrote.


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