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“Kama Unanitaka Si Uniambie Tu” Angry Mulamwah Hits Back At Kamene Goro

Mulamwah has blasted Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro after she slammed him and vowed never to forgive him over what he did to her.

Kamene opened up about her intense hatred of Mulamwah who during a discussion with Oga Obinna on Kiss FM.

Kamene delved into the genesis of her beef with Mulamwah revealing that the comedian trolled her on social media.

“One Mulamwah is a bully, and he thinks just because he is a comedian, it’s okay for him to be a bully. I posted a picture, he went and wrote something extremely hateful. I’m like bossy, hatasikujui yani nimekukosea wapi and checked him on it” Kamene Goro explained.

Asked by Oga Obinna if she would ever forgive Mulamwah, Kamene stated that she was not interested with his apology.

“I don’t want the apology. The year is 2022 tushamove. He is not a nice person period,” said Kamene Goro.

Mulamwah took to Facebook to hit back at Kamene following her confession on Kiss FM.

The comedian suggested that Kamene has interests on him and was just beating around the bush.

“Kamene kama ananitaka aniambie tu (If Kamene wants me she should just tell me),” wrote Mulamuwah on Facebook.


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