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Kabi Wajesus Comes Clean On Why He Confessed About Sleeping With His Cousins

Kabi Wajesus confessed that he regularly slept with his cousins as he revealed that incestuous relationships were rife in his family.

Speaking during a night vigil at Reign City Chapel, the YouTuber claimed that his habit of sleeping with relatives was cultivated by his own family members who used to molest him earlier.

Speaking during an interview with Dr Ofweneke on TV 47, Kabi revealed that the confession was a request from God asking him to speak freely about what happened to him in the past.

“God told me to speak openly about some things and these are things that people are shy to talk about. I was molested as a child and family members told me not to talk about it. There‚Äôs also that other story of being intimate with my cousins,” Kabi said.

He added that;

“Getting the courage to speak about what happened to me was not easy and I feel so bad that some people criticized me after my testimony because they wanted me to keep quiet because it‚Äôs the agenda of the enemy.”


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