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Kabi Wa Jesus Narrates How He Managed To Beat Bhang Addiction 

Kabi wa Jesus started smoking weed when he was in class five.

The content creator said that the behavior was influenced by life in the ghetto and the desire to fit in. He was however not aware that that would lead to him being a member of a notorious gang.

The gang also intended to have him get him circumcised at a very young age, as part of the initiation process.

“Nikiwa class 5, I was introduced to smoking weed – a choice born from the desire to fit in and hold onto friends. Little did I know, it was just the gateway to something more sinister – a notorious gang. They told me initiation required circumcision, a plot that would have seen me convinced my parents to let me go under the knife in class 6. Thank you Jesus, that plan never materialized!” he shared on Instagram.

He later contracted Tuberculosis. The doctor advised him to quit smoking, which he managed for only a few months before relapsing.

“Fast forward to my TB diagnosis, the doctor’s orders were clear: quit smoking both weed & cigarettes. I managed a few months before falling off being sober. But after sometime I went right back to it full force. This made me realize that alone I can’t break my addictions,”Kabi Wa Jesus recalled.

He was however able to manage addiction after deciding to get saved but he feared that he might still go back.

“Then, on September 15, 2013, I found salvation and became born again. Fearing a relapse, I kept some joints just in case. But to my surprise, the moment I accepted Jesus as my savior, the urge vanished!” he said

“But I also did something else – I had heartfelt conversations with my past demons, holding them and declaring, “I will smoke or drink you no more, I am now Born again!” I believe in the power of testifying your faith, not just to others, but to your struggles too,” he further said.


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