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Justina Syokau Violently Shakes Her Leviathan Fake Booty In Her New Song 2023 

Controversial gospel singer Justina Syokau is usually never late!

Since the year 2020 after gaining great popularity following her ‘2020’ hit, Syokau has been releasing songs to praise various events and above all every year she releases a new song when the year is just starting.

With only a few days left to say goodbye to the year 2022 and officially welcome the new year 2023, Justina Syokau dropped another new year song.

In that song, Syokau as usual gives hope to people telling them that the coming year will be a great success for everyone who believes and commits.

“2023 is the year of harvest, it is the year of expansion. 2023 I will take over, it will be a year of income…” Justina Syokau sings in the first verse.

“In 2023 I will be confirmed, I will receive blessings without struggling, this year my standards will rise and I will wipe away the tears of last year. My phone will receive good reports, my economy will rise and I will get money and get out of debt,” she sang in part.

Syokau violently shook her fake booty in her new song ‘2023’. She underwent liposuction to increase the size of her booty to be bigger than Vera Sidika’s.


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