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Justina Syokau Explains Why She Dedicated Brian Chira A Song

Brian Chira had a plan of establishing an initiative which he shared with gospel singer Justina Syokau.

Justina said that she was very disheartened by his passing.

She recounted how they met, revealing that in both encounters Chira was sober.

“It is a sad day, it has been a sad week. Losing a young person mwenye alikuwa anatufurahisha. Nilikuwa namjua alikuwa anasema ataanzisha  initiative ya watoto mayatima wakati alikuwa anatrend ndio tulipatana, mwisho nilipatana naye ni November.

“I first met him when he had gone to look for a job at the place where I was working. As he was coming downstairs we met,  he told me that he wanted to see me personally because of the initiative and then we met. I didn’t see Chira with any issue. When we met , its like he knew I was a pastor and he wasn’t drunk,” Justina said in an interview with KOM in Ruiru where fans and friends had gathered to pay their tributes to the fallen TikToker.

She further said that she has only seen Chira drunk on social media. Justina also explained why she dedicated him a song.

“Another thing, I didn’t do the song because he is a drunkard. I did a song based on, am a mother. Being a mother, unaimagine huyo mtoto amekufa akiwa na hio age. I am a mother of one son and I don’t expect my son to die prematurely so I am just praying for young people, that we are not going to lose other young people in Jesus name. Every spirit of premature death we cancel in the name of Jesus Name,” the artist said.

Justina added that Chira had a star because he started when he had nothing but he became popular, acknowledging that he was hardworking and a fighter.

“He only lacked mentorship. When fame comes  and you have no mentorship, it can take you on the wrong. The young people who are coming up with content creation and stuff like that they need a lot of mentorship. You don’t need to stay alone. You need to have managements.



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