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Juma Jux: My Ex Karen Bujulu Was Threatened By Huddah Monroe

Bongo singer Juma Jux broke up with his girlfriend Karen Bujulu and Huddah Monroe played a role in their split.

Jux and Huddah played lovers in the singer’s new song ‘Simuachi’ which was released on May 16th 2022.

The two kissed, caressed and cuddled amorously in the music video prompting some to suggest that they had gone too far.

Juma Jux was asked about Huddah in a recent interview with Millard Ayo following his breakup with Karen Bujulu.

“I was not in a relationship with her (Huddah),” Jux said.

Jux admitted that he had told Karen of the publicity stunt, steps he would take with Huddah to promote his music video.

“I told her and she knew that Huddah would come,” he said.

Jux noted that the affection with Huddah in the music video caused a lot of friction with Karen and caused their breakup.

The Bongo singer said he apologized to Karen for months before the two got into a relationship again.

“It was not right and it was not fair to do that to her. I became a changed man and even close people to me knew I had changed for the better,” he said.

When patching things, the singer said he gave Karen his phone and password and asked her to do whatever she wanted with it including blocking other women.

“I went fully in and said she is my girl, after that, that’s when people knew who she was,” he said.

Speaking of his latest breakup with Karen, Juma Jux admitted that he promised his ex a lot which he couldn’t deliver.

“I promised a lot of things that I couldn’t keep,” he explained as the reason why they have now broken up again,” he said.

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