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“Mind Your Business In 2024!” Judy Nyawira Reveals Why She’s Not Given Abel Mutua A Second Child

“Pray to God to help you mind your business come 2024!” Judy Nyawira tells netizens.

Abel Mutua, along with his wife Judy Nyawira, have long faced criticism for their choice to have just one child, their daughter Stephanie Mumbua, affectionately known as Mumbus. While the couple has been reserved about explaining their decision, Judy recently decided to shed light on their choice during a candid conversation with her friend Nthenya.

Among the various reasons Judy cited, the economic factor emerged as a significant influence on their decision. She emphasized that providing the best life for their child would have been financially challenging with two kids. Judy stated, “The kind of life we have afforded Mumbus, if we had two children, we would have downgraded. I know people say a child comes with their plate, but on the ground, the economy is tough; raising children is not a trivial matter.”

Another crucial aspect of their decision was the challenging experience they faced after welcoming Mumbus. Being young parents trying to navigate both parenthood and life left them traumatized at certain points. Judy revealed, “We had Mumbus when we were very young, both Abel and I. We struggled to raise her, and there was a bit of trauma.”

Growing up in large families where individual attention was often limited, Judy and Abel desired to provide their daughter with ample love and care. Abel, who comes from a family of eight, had made a conscious decision in his youth to have only one child, ensuring proper care and attention.

Judy defended their choice, stating, “We decided that we’re only going to have children that we can manage to take care of comfortably, and for me, that number is one child. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.”

In a part of the conversation shared on Instagram, Judy addressed critics, emphasizing that the number of children a couple decides to have is a private matter. She urged people to refrain from questioning their decision, asserting that it’s a discussion only meant for her and Abel. Judy concluded with a strong message, “Because one child is enough! Also, the number of children a man and wife decide to have or not to have is purely their business and no one else’s.”

In doing so, Judy hopes to discourage intrusive questions and encourage others to respect the privacy of personal choices, reinforcing the notion that such decisions are ultimately the business of the individuals involved.


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