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Jowie And Maribe Face Judgment In Monicah Kimani’s Murder Trial

The High Court in Nairobi is set to deliver its judgment today in the trial of Jowie and Maribe.

The two ex-lovers are facing charges related to the brutal murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, whose lifeless body was discovered with her throat slit in her Nairobi home in September 2018.

Originally scheduled for October 6th, the verdict was postponed due to the reported illness of Lady Justice Grace Nzioka. Now, after months of anticipation, the courtroom will be the stage for the final chapter in this gripping legal saga.

The trial concluded in July, with the defense presenting their final submissions. Jowie and Maribe, through their legal representatives, urged the court to acquit them, arguing that the prosecution had failed to establish their culpability beyond a reasonable doubt.

Maribe’s lawyer, Katwa Kigen, emphasized that none of the witnesses had incriminated the former news anchor throughout the proceedings.

“The case is based on circumstantial evidence; there’s no direct evidence against the second accused person,” stated Kigen.

He further contended that Maribe had no knowledge of Monica’s existence and highlighted the absence of DNA evidence linking her to the murder.

Kigen questioned the prosecution’s case, pointing out the lack of blood group association between Maribe and the found blood at the crime scene.

He also challenged the absence of telephone data indicating communication between Maribe and the deceased.

As the curtain falls on this legal drama, the court’s judgment today will determine the fate of Jowie and Maribe, marking a significant moment in the pursuit of justice for Monica Kimani.


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