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Jinsi Ya Kuoga Kabla Urudi Soko! Anerlisa Muigai Reveals How She Moves On Fast After Breakups

The number of men Anerlisa Muigai has dated can fill Embassava Sacco bus, she is the queen of moving on after breakups.

Anerlisa Muigai is among a handful of rich celebrities that are unlucky when it comes to love.

The Keroche heiress has dated many men some of whom proposed to her, others married her while some even conned her.

Some of the men Anerlisa publicly unveiled as her boyfriends include; ex-fiancé Stephen Kungu, Don K, Ben Kangangi (who conned her), Ben Pol (who married her), car dealer Melvin Ibrahim etc.

Well, the Keroche heiress has since come out to share secrets to moving on fast after breaking up with exes.

According to Anerlisa, once she breaks up she disposes everything and anything that can remind her of an ex.

“If you want your partner to completely forget their exes, is by first removing and replacing anything they ever left in that house. Your partner will even respect you more because they will see you have the same power of replacement. I am that person who can’t even stand seeing even a handkerchief bought by an ex laying around lol,” wrote Anerlisa.

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