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Jamal’s Sister Reacts After Amira Posts Screenshots Of Their Private Conversation 

Amira decided to play dirty just to prove to the world that her ex-husband Jamal Rohosafi frustrated her while they were still married.

The mother of two claimed that when Jamal was mistreating her while they were still married she tried to reach out to his family members including Leila.

To prove her word, Amira shared screenshots of her private conversation with Leila.

In the screenshots, Amira telling Leila that her brother Jamal was not providing for their two kids.

Reacting to Amira’s post, Leila without mention her former sister-in-law’s name noted that she couldn’t control other people’s behaviour.

“You cannot control the behavior of others, but you can always choose how you respond to it,” Leila wrote.

Jamal and Amira have been exposing each other on social media with both parties claiming the other was the toxic partner in their failed marriage.

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