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Jalang’o: I Wish Papa Shirandula Was Alive To See Me Realize My Dream Of Becoming An MP

Jalang’o reminisced about his late mentor Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula after an old clip surfaced online.

The video showed Jalang’o telling Papa how he wanted to be a big politician while appearing on the Papa Shirandula TV drama.

“In God’s own time!! I wish Papa was here to see this come to pass,” Jalang’o captioned the video.

Jalang’o was denied chance to bid goodbye to his mentor late Papa Shirandula who is responsible for his success and fame.

Papa christened the Lang’ata MP the name ‘Jalang’o’ when he gave him a chance to act in his eponymous show which used to air on Citizen TV.

Papa died at Karen Hospital in Nairobi on July 18th 2020 after developing breathing complications.

Jalang’o never got a chance to bid his old friend goodbye as he was chased from the burial in Busia during to stringent Covid-19 regulations.

Papa was among Kenyans who were buried by the infamous ‘men in white’ at the height of Covid-19.

His casket was regularly sprayed and the number of mourners limited, he was hastily buried by men covering their entire body with protective gear.

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