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“It Was A Targeted Attack” Andrew Kibe Painfully Recalls How He Lost Millions 

Former Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe has recounted how he lost millions after being canceled by YouTube.

Speaking during an interview with Mwafreeka Mwaf on his Iko Nini Podcast, Kibe recalled how his YouTube channel was terminated in September 2023.

With nearly 500,000 subscribers, 159.5 million views, and a library of 3,000 videos, the sudden loss of his channel left many of his fans puzzled and Kibe himself deeply frustrated.

Kibe told Mwaf that his suspension from YouTube was targeted and could not be justified by the video sharing platform.

The controversial content creator said his channel was pulled down when he had only one strike that was even about to expire.

“YouTube gives you money when you play by their rules…but for me, the freedom to be able to create content is supreme and it doesn’t matter the amount of money someone is paying me.

“We cannot put a figure on freedom … I did not do anything wrong. I had over 3, 000 videos on YouTube and I had only one copyright strike when they pulled down my channel. And they did not just pull down one channel, they pulled down all my channels, the ones that were monetized and un-monetized,” Andrew Kibe explained.

Kibe insisted that his termination was a targeted attack since he had not done anything wrong.

“It wasn’t because I said something; it was because it was a targeted attack. It was somebody so powerful.

“I only had one copyright strike that was expiring in like a week…I’m the person who had the most YouTube videos as a Kenyan and then they came for channels that did not even have that content. It was a targeted strike,” Kibe added,

Before being suspended from YouTube, Kibe said he was making at least Ksh1.6 million from the platform monthly.

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