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Interviews 10k, Feature 20k… Trio Mio’s Rate Card Shows How He’s Making His Millions

Trio Mio charges Ksh25,000 for every 20 minutes of his performance, the teenage rap sensation is already making millions yet he’s still a student.

The young rapper boasts of a handful of hit songs such as ‘Cheza Kama Wewe’, ‘Sipangwingwi’ among others.

Trio Mio’s career received a major boost after he performed before a mammoth crowd during Raila Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja mega rally at Kasarani stadium on December 10th.

The young rapper updated his rate card after performing at Raila’s event. He is charging a lot for his services.

Trio Mio revealed how much exactly he charges for club appearances, festival performances, exclusive media interviews and club performances on his rate card.

To be featured in a collabo, Trio Mio charges Ksh20,000 and appearance fee Ksh10,000. The rapper charges Ksh100,000 to perform for an hour at festivals while for club performance he charges Ksh50,000 for an hour.

Trio Mio’s rate card also shows that he charges Ksh10,000 for any exclusive interview.

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