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Ifikie Karen Nyamu! Samidoh Claims He’s Now Single In A Live Video

“Nilikua a polygamous man but saa hii niko single!” Samidoh says.

In a surprising turn of events, popular Kenyan musician Samidoh has announced that he is now single in a live video, leaving fans and followers intrigued by the sudden revelation. The singer, known for his melodious tunes, shared the news with a touch of humor, revealing that despite being a self-proclaimed polygamous man, he is currently embracing a single status.

This revelation comes just days after speculations arose when Karen Nyamu, the controversial figure linked to Samidoh, unfollowed him on social media. Although Nyamu downplayed the significance of the social media move, asserting that it was a routine occurrence and didn’t necessarily signal a breakup, Samidoh’s live video has added a new layer to the ongoing drama.

The situation took a more complex turn when it was revealed that Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu, had made the decision to relocate with their children to the United States.

Reportedly, Nderitu reached a breaking point, unable to tolerate the perceived disrespect resulting from Samidoh’s involvement with Karen Nyamu. In a candid expression of her feelings, Edday stated that she could not bear to share her man with another woman.

The unfolding saga has now become fodder for social media users, with the group known as “Team Nothing But Prayers” expected to have a field day commenting on the latest developments.

Samidoh’s declaration of singleness adds another chapter to the intricate dynamics surrounding his personal life, inviting speculation and commentary from fans and onlookers alike.

As the social media saga continues, it remains to be seen how Samidoh’s relationship status will evolve and how these revelations will impact his public image.

The rollercoaster of emotions and the twists and turns in this story has netizens following like addicts.

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