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“I Thought Everyone I Dated Was Genuine” Anerlisa Reflects On Being Conned Ksh20 Million By Ex Boyfriend 

Anerlisa Muigai was conned Ksh20 million by her ex boyfriend Ben Kangangi and husband to ex KTN anchor Linda Oguttu back in 2015.

The Keroche heiress was conned and blackmailed by two businessmen who included her ex-lover Ben Kangangi and shylock Dennis Mombo Mwangeka.

Ben asked Anerlisa for a Ksh20 million soft loan back in 2015 when they were still dating. She gave him Ksh7 million and asked him to source the remaining Ksh13 million balance elsewhere.

Ben later asked Anerlisa to take a loan on his behalf from a shylock Dennis Mwangeka (Linda Oguttu’s husband) whom he introduced her to.

“2 days later Ben told me that his friend knew a financier but the financier did not know Ben personally. The financier was also known for asking for heavy collateral which Ben did not have and since I had a stronger standing socially and businesswise, i could borrow money on his behalf,” Anerlisa narrated.

Anerlisa borrowed three loans totaling to Ksh13 million from Dennis Mwangeka who runs Mwananchi Credit. She gave two vehicles, a Range Rover Evoque (KBU 5***R) and an Audi Q7 KBX 8***N) as security.

However, Anerlisa later discovered that Ben and Dennis were scamming her. The Keroche heiress saw signs of trouble after getting reports that Ben Kangangi had been seen socializing with the Dennis Mwangeka even though her ex boyfriend had told her he didn’t personally know the creditor.

Also Dennis kept increasing the interest rate of the loans Anerlisa took making her pay much more than they initially agreed.

Anerlisa was forced to run to her rich parents for help on realizing Ben and Dennis were fleecing her.

Her mother Keroche CEO Tabitha Karaja and father Joseph Karanja involved DCI to recover the Range Rover and Audi that Dennis was keeping as collateral for the loan Anerlisa took.

The matter moved to court and Anerlisa requested that Dennis Mwangeka to recoup the loans from Ben Kangangi arguing that her ex boyfriend was the principal debtor and that she was not liable for the sums claimed.

Fast forward to 2022, Anerlisa while reflecting on her past failed relationships admitted that she was quite naïve to trust her ex boyfriends as being genuine.

“In my past, I always thought everyone I dated was genuine and that made me not see the clear picture,” said Anerlisa Muigai.

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