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“I Need Help People Am Dying” Transgender Model Letoya Johnstone Posts Suicide Note

Letoya Johnstone has written a VERY disturbing post as he laments about a horrifying encounter that is pushing him to end his life.

The transgender model revealed that he has slipped deep into depression because of what his friend did to him.

“Deep down I am suffering from depression! There are things that old friends put me through and everyday I wake up I loose myself. I don’t know how I am surviving but let’s hope people will have to type rest in peace,” Johnstone wrote in part.

The transgender model further stated that he is the most lonely person on earth, he likened his situation to Hollywood stars Johnny Depp who is battling depression and Robin Williams who committed suicide in 2014 because of depression.

“I am the most lonely human being alive with no single friend. Strangers that never met me are doing the best for me. Thank you so much. Look at Jonny Depp story or Robin Williams story. Celebrities like ourselves are going through the unthinkable but we must create this facade to make others see the sparkle in us. That’s what everyone gets attracted to. I NEED HELP MY PEOPLE…. I AM DYING. Please help me.”

It’s not clear Letoya Johnstone’s friend did to him that is making him have suicidal thoughts. However the transgender model has been through a lot in his life.

Back in 2018 Johnstone narrated how he was raped and doctor refused to treat him.

“Immediately after high school, something that is really sensitive and so unfortunate from my side happened. There was a time I was in Homa Bay in 2007. I was so young and was beautiful, with glowing skin. Dressed like a girl. Hell broke loose and I was grabbed and thrown into the ditch and got badly raped. I almost lost my life.

“I went to the district hospital and the doctor on duty refused to treat me because he was Muslim and told my mum that he could not treat me because I was sleeping with people of my gender. He said I was looking for people to rape me, adding that I wanted to be a woman. That is how my parents came to learn that I was gay.

“Had never had s3x with anyone whatsoever. While in school, nobody wanted to be with Letoya, who now wants to be identified as a “she”. I was in my own space and nobody liked me and no parents wanted me to be with their children. Neither did the society welcome me because I was always the different one. I got traumatised,” Letoya Johnstone narrated.


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