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“I Have Never Been A Socialite” Amber Ray Claims

Amber Ray has said that she is always referred to as a socialite because she is well endowed and popular.

She however doesn’t consider herself as one and that is why she is working with reputable brands.

“First things first unajua hata sijawahi kuwa socialite. Just because I am popular and I have a big bum bum doesn’t make a socialite. Mi hakuna mahali nimejiita socialite that’s I am working even with corporates,” she told Oga Obinna.

According to her, people often refer to her as a socialite because they don’t have any other title to give her.

“Hawanijui vile they see me on social media so wanatafutanga wamenibrand so many things but I am not a socialite, I have never been a socialite,” she maintained.

She went on to define herself saying, “I am a mother, a happy wife and a businesswoman.”

The mother of two added that she is a wife of a rich man but has businesses that she runs.

“Mimi ni bibi ya tajiri but nafanya vitu zangu, like I said mimi ni mwanabiashara. At the end of the day I never want to date someone who is not rich, doesn’t have the money. I need the money  because money attracts money,” she said.

She also opened up on dating a person who was not rich saying that the man disappointed her.

“The moment alipata pesa aliniacha akaenda na type yake,” Amber Ray said.


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