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Huddah Painful Recalls How Wahu And Nameless Treated Her Like Trash When She Still Broke 

Huddah Monroe has revealed that she can’t work with celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu no matter what.

The petite socialite is seen in a video trending on social media narrating how Wahu and Nameless looked down on her when she was still struggling to make it big in showbiz.

Huddah said she used to be a dancer and would be featured by artistes in their music videos as a vixen.

She painfully recalled how Wahu and Nameless treated her like trash while auditioning to be featured in their music video.

“Nkiwa kwa hio kutwark twark na kufanya nini nini za waist waist so many celebrities in Kenya were looking down on me. Sana sana Nameless na Wahu. Kwanza Wahu sana sana. Wahu alikua anasem mmmhuu mmhuu she can’t dance for me you know because she doesn’t qualify,” Huddah recalled.

The socialite stressed that she can never ever work with Wahu because of how she treated her.

“Sahi nkiona mtu kama Wahu she is asking for me to be in her music video I am like ‘dude we are not in 1963 right now’,” Huddah said.

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