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Huddah Monroe Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumours, Says She Will Get Pregnant Later 

Huddah Monroe has denied reports that she is pregnant and that she is also hiding her baby bump.

The petite socialite, while responding to fans who were congratulating her on her alleged pregnancy, categorically stated that she was not pregnant.

She however gave netizens hope saying that she would get pregnant later.

“You all want me pregnant so bad? Atakam,” Huddah wrote.

In August this year, Huddah Monroe spoke about the prospects of her having a baby.

The petite socialite was asked by a fan about the prospects of having kids in an interactive Q&A.

“Do you fear getting to menopause before giving birth?” A fan asked Huddah.

To which she replied;

“I don’t think the only purpose of a woman on earth is to give birth. So that doesn’t bother, never even thought of it. There’s too many homeless kids with no mothers or parents. So you could still mother them…. Being a mother is nurture/ bring up. You can nurture a plant or a dog.”





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