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HIV/AIDS Wiped Out Her Family And She Was A Prostitute Before Fame: 5 Things About Nyako You Didn’t Know

Nyako said she worked as a prostitute before she found mzungu who took her to Germany.

The controversial TikToker has disclosed many things about her life albeit not in one go. has compiled some of the things Nyako has publicly disclosed about herself.

The Germany-based TikToker opened up about HIV/AIDS wiping out her entire family in a video seen by

In the video, Nyako said both her mother and father died from the HIV/AIDS, adding that the virus also killed her two sisters.

Nyako explained that her father, mother and one sister died when there was no antiretroviral (ARV) – a regimen for a person with HIV.

She added that her other sister died when ARV was in existence, revealing that the HIV regimen overwhelmed her causing kidney failure.

“Both my parents died of HIV and Aids and both my two sisters died of HIV and Aids. Those days hakukua na dawa. One of my sisters died when she was only one. The virus was too much for her, she died a painful death. One died when she was only one and the second one died when she was 12. Huyu alikufa kama kuna dawa there was already medication lakini dawa ilienda ikamlemea ikacause kidney failure she died when she was 12. Alikua anakunywa madawa but ilimlemea,” Nyako said.

In a separate interview seen by, Nyako also revealed that she is battling a chronic heart condition.

The TikToker revealed that she was diagnosed with the heart problem after taking Covid-19 vaccination.

“I don’t take alcohol at all, I am under medication. I am suffering heart problem, after the Corona vaccination I developed this condition. But even before that I stopped drinking 10 years ago. I am clean I don’t drink at all. I don’t use anything, I am always sober,” Nyako said while speaking during an interview with Vincent Mboya.

“I am having a heart condition that lands me in the hospital most of the time. I don’t drink a lot of water and then my heart gets clogged and I have to be attended to. You know Germany, the medical response is number one. If you are suffering from a heart condition like me you just press the dial and the whole team is at the doorstep. So I am having a heart condition that keeps me in the hospital always but so far so good I have good medication,” she added.

The controversial Germany-based TikToker further revealed that she was christened ‘Nyako’ by fellow sex workers while she was still working as a prostitute in Kenya.

Nyako said her real name is Rose Atieno but her former colleagues in sex business gave her the name ‘Nyako’.

“[My real name is] Rose Atieno. Nyako came from the street, I used to be a prostitute that is where the name came from. From the ‘Njeris’, the gave me that name,” Nyako said.

Asked if she felt ashamed for saying she used to be a prostitute, Nyako said she could not change her past. She added that her past made her who she is today.

“I cannot run away from my past. I can only change what I do now but I cannot run away from my past because my past made me who I am today,” Nyako said.

Nyako also revealed that she got a permanent residency in Germany after she ‘trapped’ a mzungu who impregnated her.

Nyako narrated how getting pregnant with her first child did not help her stay in Europe.

“To all the ladies looking for pointies, be on the look. Look for that passport before you waste yourself. I wasted myself. I carried it for nine months and went to the lawyer, saying I wanted to stay, I wanted papers, and the lawyer told me no and to go back to the drawing board. Do not waste nine months like me carrying nonsense thinking you are carrying a baby,” Nyako said.

“Maybe you carried trash for nine good months. Nine months after I dropped Sarah, I was on the road again, looking for a German to rescue my situation,” she added. heard Nyako advising women to get pregnant for citizens from powerful European countries that can guarantee them permanent stay in case they have children with citizens.

“When you get the real deal, do not beg him to get you pregnant. You choke him by force. Imagine getting a child with a useless man, and then he follows you, adding you another baggage. That’s exactly what I did. If you want to survive in Europe, get a child with a white man. Period. Leave those Nigerian men with passports, get a pure white man, and there will be no case. You become a European yourself once you drop a European child,” Nyako insisted.

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