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Hii Ni Kupromote Ushoga! Diana Marua Comes Under Scathing Attack Over What She Did To Her Driver

Diana Marua has been accused of being a toxic boss after a video surfaced online showing the thing she did to her driver.

Bahati’s wife forced her male driver to dress up like a woman to shoot a short clip that was shared online.

Diana, who just released a song titled ‘Narudi Soko’, decided to dance to the tune of her song together with her driver Vaite who was standing next to her.

In the video she shared on Instagram, Diana Marua was seen helping her driver Vaite to put on a wig.

Vaite was also wearing a long colourful dress, lipstick and lady’s sandals. Diana on the other hand was putting on a pinkish jumpuist.

Her latest song ‘narudi soko’ was played in the background and the duo started dancing to it.

“Meet our chauffeur and comedian #Vaite ūüėĀ Hawa ndio wanatetemesha soko ūü§£ūüėāūü§£ūü§£ #NARUDISOKO ūü•≥,” Diana captioned the video.

Diana came under scathing attack from netizens after the video went viral on social media.

Netizens were not impressed with the video as most said that Diana was taking advantage of the man.

Some accused Diana of promoting homosexuality by forcing her driver to dress up like a woman.



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