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“Hello Childless Shosh” Daring Trolls Hit Sheila Mwanyigha Where It Hurts The Most And She Responds With Fury

In her late 40s, Sheila Mwanyigha is still beautiful but she has no child, husband or family.

The media personality came under scathing attack from trolls who hit her where it hurts the most – childlessness.

Mwanyigha on November 1, 2023, shared a photo of herself slaying on Twitter only to face an attack from a troll.

“Hello November,” Sheila captioned the photo of herself at the gym.

Trolls quickly invaded Mwanyigha’s comment section where they told her things even the devil would feel sorry for her.

Many trolls called her childless granny while making fun of her being rich, famous, unmarried and without an immediate family.

However, Sheila Mwanyigha didn’t take the shots lying down, she fired back some salvos at her haters.

Under the post, an X user, @RomanosNiche, commented, referring to Sheila as a ‘Shosh'(Grandma).

Sheila immediately hit back, writing: “Hey child with no inheritance.”

This sparked a back-and-forth between the media personality and the internet user, who persistently hurled age-related insults at Sheila while body-shaming her.

“Midlife crisis and childless is worse than not having an inheritance…fallen soldiers,” wrote the X user.

In another tweet, the cyberbully wrote: “Would consider adopting a young man to massage your aging joints since you got no kids of your own? I can’t mind replacing your dildo.”

To which Sheila responded: “Oooooh you poor dear. So that’s where your hurt is from? I wish you healing and acceptance. It can’t be easy being you.”

On Monday November 6, 2023, Sheila Mwanyigha took to social media to talk about cyberbullying.

Can we talk…?

As a young woman growing up, you mark every milestone and celebrate the years as you get older and handle more responsibilities. One minute you just learned how to walk. Next you’re making your first ugali! Then comes high school and you big girl your way through 4 years away from family. When you return you have an ID that says you’re ready to vote. Then comes a multitude of markers through your adulthood as you pursue your dreams.

Much is said to you about being a woman in the workplace, or a woman in society. To always keep your wits about you. To always watch out. Because you will always have a target on your back. Even when you’re hydrating and minding your business, there’s always going to be someone coming for you. And boy did something come for me last week!

A post I recently put up on X had these comments (see images) from a random stranger. His finest basket full of insults consisted of barbs dipped in the cauldron of the pervasive nature of ageism against women. All he could bring to the table was a litany of age related takes as he desperately mined clout.

With weeks to go to the start of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence, online spaces remain a favored frontier where abuse and forms of violence against women continue. Hiding behind fake names and images, online trolls and misogynists spew their vitriol against women’s marital status, motherhood,and ageing.

Growing older will be used as an insult against you. How that even makes sense beggars belief. But it can and will happen. Age is the weapon fashioned against ALL women. What about men? I choose not to answer that, but men, please feel free to do so in the comments!

We are the generation of women with options to craft the life of our dreams. While that may not look the same for all, aging shouldn’t take away from anyone’s existence, and neither should it be cause for shame or ridicule.

Have you ever experienced this form of bullying, on any social space?


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