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“Hataki Kunikula” Diana Marua Complains As Bahati’s Illness Results To Low Libido

Bahati complained of low libido when Diana Marua took him to the hospital to see a doctor.

Diana Marua laughs as her husband casually mentioned that he doesn’t really want her around at night when describing her problems to the doctor.

Additionally, the mother of three requested that the physician provide Baha with medication to treat his infection so that he could perform at night.

After explaining how sick he was and how his appetite had disappeared, Bahati stopped and inquired from the doctor what he could possibly do to improve his libido.

Bahati had some serious tonsillitis infection.

“It needs to go first before the tonsillitis. I will rest in heaven. I have said all my diseases, is there something you can give me to eat for strength? Doc, if you can treat all my diseases, we will be best friends,” he says.

Diana Marua, his wife, chuckled and complained bitterly about him “not wanting” her, putting blame on his poor and low libido levels.

“He doesn’t want to have me. He wants to be treated for low libido. Doctor treat him please, at night he needs to have the libido,” Diana Marua reveals.

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