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Hapa Naye Alitesa Wanaume! Men Discuss Christina Shusho’s Nyash After Her Performance 

Christina Shusho is trending because of her choice of dress following her performance in Nairobi.

The Tanzanian gospel singer was the main act at the New Year’s Eve concert at Garden City Mall, Nairobi.

The “Shusha Nyavu” concert was put together by comedian Churchill and some of his team.

In a surprising twist, Christina Shusho’s wardrobe selection became a focal point of interest rather than her performance.

Christina Shusho kicked off the evening in a sleek black satin figure-hugging dress adorned with intricate gold embroidery, complemented by stylish brown high heels.


Christina Shusho’s dress code ignited mixed reactions among Kenyans, sparking a debate on whether such attire aligns with her status as a gospel musician.

Online discussions have been buzzing with opinions, with some fans praising her for the stunning outfit, while others expressed reservations.

Male netizens in particular were just thirsting on the Tanzanian songbird as photos of her clad in the figure-hugging dress went viral on social media.

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