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Gospel Singer Loise Kim Told To Allow Her Sister To Rest In Peace

Loise Kim’s new year message about her late sister Penny Wanjiku who died in April 2023 sparked concerns.

In a post on Facebook, the gospel singer reflected on the lessons she learnt in 2023.

“The hardest pill I had to swallow in 2023 was learning that two people will be walking together; one will be taken and other left,” Loise Kim wrote.



Asked to clarify her post, Loise Kim said that she was reflecting on the death of her sister.

“I lost my sister, my best friend and it still hurts,” Loise Kim said.

However, netizens told Loise Kim to allow her sister to rest in peace insisting that grief would hold her back.


Loise Kim narrated the circumstances surrounding her sister’s death during her memorial service last year.

The award-winning musician recounted how her sister battled to remain alive till she breathed her last.

Loise shared that she was the one who used to inform her baby sister how her body was fairing.

She notes that her sister had intestinal bleeding which she felt was normal menstrual bleeding.

Loise recalled that when they were transferring her sister to a hospital that had an empty bed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) she had one pint of blood.

“While on the way, Wanjiku developed a cardiac arrest but was resuscitated by one of my nephews,” she says.

She said that God fought for her sister and she managed to leave the ICU and recuperate in the ward.

“While she was getting better, Wanjiku told me that she could not feel her leg. We used to encourage her with dad’s testimony who had been unwell but got healed.”

Further, she shares that she would encourage her sister to be stable enough to fly out to India for further treatment. Having obtained all the necessary documents needed, Loise reveals that she called her sister but she did not talk.

“When she could not pick, I would call the doctor to enquire. He (doctor) told me that the girl (Wanjiku) was not fine and that he had been with her since morning.”

Loise left for the hospital after the news and also informed her parents of the sudden change of things who also left for the hospital.

“When I got there, my mother told me that they (doctors) had surrounded her and were not allowing them (the parents) to see their daughter,” she recalls.

Forcing their way in, Loise says she saw her sister had machines on her heart and was quiet.

“The doctors asked us to leave the room and sat around the veranda. We stayed there for quite some time without any more information. We forced our way in again and heard our Wanjiku let out a scream,” she says.

Now convinced that her sister was alive, Loise and her parents left the ward and sat in a corner. After a long wait, the doctors who were still in the room had not communicated with them.

“We forced our way in a third time but the doctors requested us to wait a little longer. After a while, we were called and told that we could now see our Wanjiku. We surrounded her even though she was still in the machines.”

Loise then enquired whether her sister was breathing. “Yes, she is breathing,” he responded.

The musician and her parents were then requested to leave the ward with the doctors informing them that their Wanjiku would be taken back to ICU.

“We went to the veranda and waited for the doctors. However, instead of them taking our Wanjiku to the ICU, I saw the doctors move to another room across from where they called us. While in the room, three doctors joined us and within a short while another doctor joined,” she says.

“They (doctors) started narrating to us that when Wanjiku woke up, she took a cup of porridge and even called their mom. She then had a seizure, the nurse called me (one of the doctors) in and I put her under oxygen. However, she got a second attack but the efforts to resuscitate her were futile. Oxygen and her blood pressure were lowering. Still, we could not comprehend what they were telling us.”

Loise shares that her mother enquired whether after the efforts of the doctors if her daughter was still breathing.

“No, she was not,” the doctors responded.



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