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Gay And Curvy Model Mpenzi Chokuu’s Raunchy Videos Leaked

“No one can shame me, Am shameless,” says gay model Mpenzi Chokuu.

Mpenzi Chokuu, is a queer male and model from Kenya who currently resides and works in Germany.

He has rebuked those making fun of him because of his leaked obscene videos.

He has throughout the years drawn a lot of talk and a following despite being built like a guy but he’s also as feminine as it is possible to be.

Over three days ago, sets of raunchy videos were leaked on the uncontrollable social network Telegram.

Chokuu, definitely unconcerned, says that he is already shameless and cannot be shamed by social media videos or trolls.

“Hey Boo, thanks for your support. No one can shame me,Am shameless,” he commented on social media.

Chokuu moved to Germany, where homosexuality and LGBTQ lifestyle is accepted and protected, years ago after experiencing severe persecution from his relatives and kin in Kenya.

Mpenzi Chokuu

The outspoken, no-nonsense LGBTQ member enjoys posting pictures of himself online usually disguised as a lady.

In all her photos and posts on social media, He attempts to enlarge his behinds to look more like a lady, with his suggestive and spicy photo posses.

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