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“Huyu Ni Simp!” Flaqo Pays His 22 Year Old Lover 60K “Girlfriend Allowance” Monthly

“Do you receive your girlfriend allowances every month?” Looks like Flaqo is over doing it now.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities and their partners to share glimpses of their lives, often sparking curiosity and admiration among their followers.

One such instance involves the popular Kenyan comedian Flaqo and his 22-year-old girlfriend, Keranta, who recently made headlines by revealing that she receives a substantial monthly allowance from her famous boyfriend.

Keranta, a content creator herself, took to her Instagram stories, to share news of her monthly girlfriend allowance. She displayed proof of this financial arrangement, offering her followers a glimpse into her life with Flaqo.

In one of her posts, Keranta excitedly inquired, “Just got my girlfriend’s allowance. Ya’ll received your girlfriend allowance yet?”

She accompanied this question with a screenshot of an M-Pesa message that confirmed a transaction of 60,000 Kenyan Shillings into her account. Interestingly, she chose to keep the identity of the sender confidential, leaving her audience intrigued about the mysterious man behind this gesture.

Keranta mpesa from FlaqoRecently, Keranta celebrated her 22nd birthday, and in a trending video shared on social media, Flaqo took the opportunity to surprise her in style.

Flaqo announced that his girlfriend had no idea about the special surprise he had in store for her. He revealed that he had gifted her a brand new car.

His generous and affectionate gestures toward Keranta have not only captured the attention of their fans but also ignited discussions on the dynamics of modern relationships, where financial support and romantic surprises are becoming increasingly common expressions of love and commitment.


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