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“Familia Ya Stevo Inajua Kwa Nini Alifaint” Chingi Boy Spills The Beans

Stevo Simple Boy fainted for the first time in his life while on an interview at Citizen TV on March 15 and it wasn’t not because of starvation.

According to Chingi Boy, who was managing him until recently, the incident was not due to hunger because he had ensured Stevo had eaten before dropping him at the Royal Media Offices.

He opted to take Stevo to the interview despite the fact that they were not in good terms.

“I personally went to his house and cooked for him. He couldn’t cancel the invite for the interview. I decided to act like a grown up and went to his house and served him food. After 5 minutes the car came and we went for the show,” he explained.

“That problem, as I said, his family knows why Stevo collapsed. It is not because of hunger because I cooked for him.  I can’t go into the details,” Chingi Boy said, adding that Stevo has never collapsed during the time that they have worked together.

“That was the first time. I also asked him what had happened because it didn’t take long before he came around. He said that, ‘Maybe it was just satan, it has never happened I am shocked myself.’ That thing surprised me but he told me he was okay and asked me to take him home so that he would rest,” Chingi Boy said.

At the same time, Chingi Boy demanded Kshs150,000 from Stevo and his family so that he could surrender the rapper’s social media accounts as he had paid money to get them from his previous management.

“Familia ya kina Stevo haitakiangi Stevo mema na watu wamekaa karibu na Stevo wanajua. Hio familia hawakuweza kuongea na Vaga(Stevo’s former manager),” he said

“Mimi nipewe zangu Stevo aendelee na maisha yake. Mimi si nilichukua pale kama ziliwashinda. Lakini account za Stevo siwezikatalia bora nipewe zangu kidogo.”


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