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Esther Musila Reveals Why She Won’t Get Pregnant For Guardian Angel

“Sipati mimba!” Esther Musila says and Guardian Angel is supportive of his wife’s decision of not letting him impregnate her.

The love story of Kenyan celebrity couple Esther Musila and Guardian Angel has captured the hearts of many, but it seems that their decision regarding family planning has become a topic of intense speculation and debate.

Esther Musila, a successful businesswoman and a mother to children from her previous marriage, has recently shed light on her decision not to have more children with Guardian Angel.

In a message to her fans and the public seen by, she has made it clear that her family is complete, and it’s high time society respects her personal choices.

The couple’s love story, despite their age difference, has been a source of inspiration for many, challenging societal norms and expectations. However, Esther Musila has been increasingly frustrated by the persistent questioning and pressure to expand her family.

guardian angel and Esther musilaIn a previous interview, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila shared their perspective on parenthood saying, “Children are a blessing from God. A child is a bonus…if we get one, it’s fine, if not, we will still love each other.”

Guardian Angel, who has been a source of support for his wife, has agreed with his wife’s sentiments.

He has encouraged their fans to respect her choice and focus on the positive aspects of their journey as a couple.


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