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Esther Musila Explains Why She Looks Younger Than Guardian Angel Despite 19 Year Age Gap

Esther Musila shared the secret behind her youthful appearance and age-defying figure.

Musila, who is 53 years old, is married to 34-year-old gospel singer Peter Omwaka aka Guardian Angel.

The mother of three (two boys and a girl who are aged 24 and above) recently shared how she has managed to stay young despite her advanced age.

Musila attributes her timeless appearance to her dedicated exercise regimen, where she finds solace in dancing.

“My exercise routine primarily involves dancing, something I truly love,” she disclosed.

The 53-year-old added that God blessed her with natural age defying physique.

“In my 30s and 40s, I was quite slender, but during the Covid-19 pandemic, I unexpectedly gained weight. It’s common for women at 50 to experience rapid weight gain due to hormonal changes,” she noted.

In addition to her active lifestyle, Musila emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balanced diet.

“I practice mindful eating. I steer clear of excessive consumption during my first meal. Furthermore, I’ve eliminated wheat products and sugar from my diet completely. Additionally, I ensure adequate hydration by drinking ample water and prioritize vegetable intake,” Esther Musila explained.

The quinquagenarian noted that she follows a dietary routine of two meals a day, concluding her evenings with sugar-free tea.

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