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Eric Omondi’s Ksh7 million Range Rover To Be Auction Anytime From Now

Broke Eric Omondi abandoned his Range Rover at a mechanic over unpaid bill and now the Ksh7 million British machine is set to be auctioned for Ksh1.1 million.

Eric Omondi loves to show the world that he is leading a flamboyant lifestyle but in reality he is sinking in debts.

The comedian’s posh Ksh7 million Range Rover could soon be auctioned for a sum of Ksh1.1 million over a debt he owes Nairobi mechanic.

The Range Rover Sport supercharged V8 model has been at Kings Rovers garage for sometime now because Eric failed to pay for its maintenance fee of slightly over Ksh50,000.

The mechanic who is also the manager of the garage was frustrated revealing that Eric does not pick his calls whenever he tries to get in touch with him.

Speaking during an interview with YouTube Mungai Eve, the mechanic estimated that the comedian’s Range Rover at its current condition is worth about Ksh7 million.

He however stated that if Eric fails to pick it up by 3rd January 2022 he will be forced to auction his Range Rover for a meagre Ksh1.1 million.

The mechanic made it clear that he does not care about the loss Eric Omondi will encounter as long as he gets his money.


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