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Eric Omondi: I Am Very AFRAID and SCARED Of Marriage Because… 

Eric Omondi will be turning 40 on March 9th 2022 but the comedian has vowed that he will not settle down in marriage despite his advanced age.

Eric has dated several women but has shown little interest of marrying any of the girls who cross his path.

The comedian is VERY apprehensive about marriages because of the current state of affair in the institution of marriage.

Eric came out to reveal that rampant divorces across the country has made him get a cold feet in regard to settling down in marriage.

“Everyone around me is Divorced or Getting Divorced. All my Uncles and Friends are Either Separated or Divorced. I AM AFRAID and SCARED of Marriage because how am I supposed to walk into it when Everyone in it is walking out of it. Am turning 40 On March 9th 2022. Would you Recommend Marriage for me?” Eric Omondi wrote.

Eric has been running the YouTube show in which contestants fought for a chance to ‘spend the rest of their lives’ with the self-proclaimed president of African comedy.

During the show, the girls were briefed on the various kinds of chores a wife can do around the home. Eric subjected the girls to chores such as milking a cow and chopping firewood.

However, Eric didn’t marry any of the girls who emerged as the winner of Wife Material, the show was just a big publicity stunt and revenue earner for the comedian.

Eric was exposed as a serial womanizer by informants who have shared damning evidence with blogger Edgar Obare.

Eric’s philandering ways was a discussion on Obare’s Instagram platform after it emerged that he is now smashing KTN anchor Sophia Wanuna.

Obare subsequently asked his informants to list women who have been smashed by Eric Omondi which his disciples gladly did.

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