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“Nothing But Prayers!” Edday Nderitu And Her Kids Enjoy A Helicopter Ride

“It’s a day to remember!” Edday Nderitu says as she enjoys life to the fullest in the US.

Edday Nderitu has shared a moment of joy with her children as they enjoyed a helicopter ride, capturing the scenic views of Orlando from the sky. The video was accompanied by the caption, “Viewing Orlando from the sky!”

Days prior, Edday Nderitu posted photos to show how she treated her kids to a day at Universal Studios, expressing gratitude for the unforgettable memories they created together. However, the happiness portrayed in these moments stands in stark contrast to the challenges she has faced in her personal life.

Edday and her husband Samidoh have been living separately for several months, with Edday making a public statement about leaving Kenya for the USA. In her social media posts, she clarified misconceptions about her marital status, asserting that she is not in a polygamous marriage. Edday emphasized that she made the decision to leave her husband and the toxic environment she described.

Addressing the misinformation circulating online, Edday explained that she left her husband for “whoever needed him more” and highlighted her commitment to ensuring her children’s well-being without relying on Samidoh’s support. She expressed a desire for peace as she embarks on a new season in her life, hoping to avoid unnecessary drama.

Edday has consistently maintained her stance against raising her children in a polygamous family, particularly with a woman older than her by more than 10 years. This declaration came in the wake of a highly publicized incident in Dubai, where tensions flared between Edday and nominated Senator Karen Nyamu during Samidoh’s Mugiithi show.

The altercation between the two women reached a boiling point when Nyamu forcefully sat on Samidoh’s lap, resulting in a confrontation that made headlines in December 2022.


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