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Diana Marua Spanks Bahati As He Wears Her Dress

“Hii imeenda! Baha kama umechoka kukua mwanaume unasema!” Kenyans online tell Bahati after Diana Marua posted their video having fun.

Diana Marua and her husband Bahati are always willing to do anything for clout and views. Their connection is truly extraordinary and unbelievable to many.

The two sweethearts share a remarkable level of comfort with each other and often engage in peculiar online activities privately and publicly.

A video of Bahati wearing Diana Marua’s dress has created new conversation online, after recently showing intimate moments inside their bedroom.

Diana Marua decided to take part in the trending magic clothes change challenge, which has been making waves on TikTok.

In the video, Diana playfully attempted the challenge, pretending that it was ineffective on her. Despite her multiple attempts, the challenge seemed to be unsuccessful.

Diana Marua made the spontaneous decision to test the challenge on her husband Bahati, who was busy in his own activities at the time.

Surprisingly, the challenge worked instantly, and Bahati emerged wearing Diana Marua’s snug dress, visibly taken aback by the unexpected transformation.

Meanwhile, Diana enthusiastically cheered him on, playfully teasing him by lightly spanking his behind, all in good humor. It turned out to be an entertaining challenge, and the couple truly excelled in their execution.


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