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Diamond Platnumz Reveals How He Was Conned 4 Billion

“Sasa serikali nzima inanisaidia kupata haki yangu, nililipa fedha nyingi!” Diamond Platnumz says.

Tanzanian music sensation Diamond Platnumz, known for his chart-topping hits and luxurious lifestyle, has recently disclosed a person experience involving a massive con.

The artist revealed that he fell victim to a staggering fraud of Tsh 4 billion (approximately Ksh 240,591,200 million) while attempting to purchase his own private jet.

Diamond Platnumz‘s initial announcement of acquiring a private jet had created significant buzz and excitement among his fans.

In a recent interview with Wasafi Media, he explained the reason why he continues to use chartered private jets, despite having previously shared plans to own one.

The musician disclosed that the agent responsible for assisting him in the purchase of his private jet was the one behind the massive con job.

“I had brought a very big plane, but they conned me about Tsh 4 billion,” Diamond revealed.

It was clear that the artist was not only frustrated by the substantial financial loss but also deeply disappointed by the betrayal of trust.

Diamond further indicated that he had reported the fraudulent agent, and the Tanzanian government was actively investigating the matter and details will be on as soon as progress is achieved.

Diamond Platnumz Celebrates After Buying HelicopterĀ “My jet situation is a bit complicated. I bought a jet, I paid the money, and I got conned. I reached out to Minister Mbarawa (Minister of Transport, Professor Makame Mbarawa) for help, and my brother Hamza (Director-General of the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority, Hamza Johari) assisted me. Now, the entire government is helping me get justice. I paid a substantial amount, an initial sum of over a billion, but the people I entrusted with it are playing tricks on me.” Says the “Enjoy” hit maker.

Diamond explained that he had begun receiving restitution in installments. The delay in acquiring his private jet had led to feelings of frustration and disappointment.

He expressed his belief that he had been disrespected, as the extended delay made it appear as though he had announced false information.


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