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Churchill Show Comedian Mtumishi Opens Up Why He Hates His Mother So Much

“Even if my mother dies today,¬† I would feel nothing!” Mtumishi says.

Mtumishi, a former comedian on Churchill Show, recently shared the painful and challenging dynamics of his relationship with his mother. In a viral video, he revealed the heart-wrenching moment when his own mother disowned him due to his chosen path in the entertainment industry.

In the emotional video, Mtumishi disclosed that he has not spoken to or visited his mother since 2021. He expressed disbelief as he recounted his mother’s reaction upon seeing him on Churchill Show, instructing him to “go away” and insisting that she should never see him on the television program again.

He also shared insights into the financial challenges he encountered during his journey in the entertainment industry.

In a period of need, he turned to his ex-lover for support, receiving Sh5,000 that he utilized to purchase equipment for a small business selling smokies. He revealed the lack of support from his father, who, despite working at Royal Media, refused to provide bus fare for auditions.

Despite the initial lack of support, his perseverance and talent eventually led to success. When his father witnessed his son’s achievements on television, he became the first person to reach out. This marked a turning point in their relationship, illustrating the impact of success in families.

Mchungaji went on to express that his mother never believed in his talent and success. According to him, she dismissed his aspirations, claiming he was merely making noise in the house.

Neighbors added to the skepticism, suggesting that his dreams would lead him to a troubled path. The lack of understanding and support from his mother ultimately resulted in her disowning him.


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