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Childhood Moments That Might Have Influenced Brian Chira’s Behavior

Brian Chira has been described as a bright and eloquent person, who had the ability to build his brand positive way.

According to Baba Talisha, he used to advise Chira on a daily basis to avoid the bad behavior and focus on building himself in a positive manner.

Chira would listen to him but backslid whenever he would get drunk.

“I used to tell Brian Chira if he really wanted to be the best version of himself angekuwa yaani aachane tu na mambo mingi afocus kujjibuild as a brand. Already he had that name and I used  to tell him every day it is not a must you do something bad for your name to be on top.

“When he was a sober guy he used to listen, he was too eloquent, he could think and do things on his own but the moment pombe inaingia kidogo hapo ndio analose focus. He was a very bright boy watu wengi hawajui alipata A-. He was too bright,” Baba Talisha told Oga Obinna.

He further noted that Chira’s childhood might have contributed to his incontrollable behavior.

“When we are kids kuna vitu huwa tunafight nazo kwa maisha zinakufanya trauma yako inapanda juu kabisa. This boy when they were growing up he used to have his mother, the mum died. He then had an aunt who used to take care of them, they used to live a good life then one day you wake up the aunt is not in the picture.

“Life inachange tu hivyo once. Those are some of the things zenye pia zilimpush sana tukikuwa youths hivi tunataka kupata vitu sana na hatuwezipita huko,” he shared.

According to him, had Chira heeded his advise, he could have been a radio host, Voice Over artist or something else and make money to help his family.



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