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Chebet Rono Threatens To Expose Abel Mutua’s Private Messages To Her

Popular content creator Chebet Rono, now claims that Abel Mutua, widely known as Mkuru, has been actively engaging with her via direct messages (DMs). Rono, known for her vibrant content and outspoken personality, has taken to social media to hint at revealing the alleged conversations between her and the renowned film producer.

Abel Mutua, celebrated for his contributions to the Kenyan film industry and his role in the popular TV show ‘Makutano Junction,’ is also recognized for his affectionate nickname, Mkuru.

Recently, he publicly expressed gratitude to his wife, Judy Nyawira, stating, “Judy is the fuel that propels me to greatness.” This public declaration of love and support has made the recent claims by Chebet Rono all the more surprising to fans and followers.

As the news of the alleged DM exchange spread, loyal fans of Mkuru have come to his defense, urging Chebet Rono to exercise caution and avoid tarnishing the respected film producer’s reputation for clout. Many netizens are skeptical of the claims and have questioned the authenticity of the alleged messages.

The intrigue surrounding the situation has intensified, with followers eagerly anticipating Rono’s promised revelation of the purported DMs. Some are curious to see the nature of the conversations, while others emphasize the importance of verifying such claims before jumping to conclusions.


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