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Karen Nyamu Comes Up With A Lame Excuse After She Was Cornered Chewing Miraa

Karen Nyamu is seeking to ban Aluta while herself is doing things that are consistent with what she wants to outlaw.

The UDA-nominated senator on Thursday, November 30, 2023, officially tabled her motion in Senate to ban Aluta.

For starters, Aluta are wild parties usually held nonstop in nightclubs from Thursday night to Monday morning.

After Karen Nyamu tabled the anti-Aluta motion on the floor of the senate, Kenyans irked by her move decided to unearth her dirty past.

Some netizens dug up a photo of Karen Nyamu chewing miraa like a goat while castigating her for preaching water and drinking wine.

However in a quick rejoinder, Karen Nyamu defended herself claiming that chewing miraa was not Aluta.

“Aluta nimepiga by the way huwezi ongelelea kitu hujui. Hii si picha ya aluta ni picha ya kushikisha. Miraa na jaba is not aluta,” Karen Nyamu wrote.

Apart from chewing miraa, Karen Nyamu is also a notorious bhang smoker.

The UDA-nominated senator was publicly seen smoking weed in August 2019 at Umeme Grounds in Nairobi’s Ziwani area during the finals of the annual Koth Biro football tournament that she had partly sponsored.

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