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Carol Katrue Explains Why Miracle Baby Ended Up Flat Broke Despite Music Success 

Miracle Baby made a lot of money as the lead rapper in Gengetone group Sailors popular for their song ‘Wamlambez’.

Sailors fell from grace to grass after a short stint of success and Miracle Baby quickly transitioned to a Mugithi singer.

Miracle Baby’s financial situation came to light after he fell sick and launched a public appeal for money to help cater for his treatment.

The musician was admitted to hospital on January 16, 2024, after he was rushed for there medical attention.

He underwent surgery after his intestines ruptured.

A fundraiser was held on January 24, 2024, for Miracle Baby as his hospital bill soared to Ksh1 million.

Several fundraising drives have been conducted since then as Miracle Baby has undergone multiple operations and treatment which have seen his bills soar.

Miracle Baby’s partner Carol Katrue has been calling upon Kenyans to help her offset the accumulated bills but some have been firing back asking her why she could not just use the money her baby daddy made from his music.

Some netizens went on a tirade noting Miracle Baby was just another example of artistes who get a taste of fame splurge all the money they get then to online to beg when things hit the wall.

However, Carol Katrue defended her man disputing claims that he had mismanaged his finances. According to her, his money quite on the contrary was put into very good use.

“Peter [Miracle Baby] pesa zake zote alitumia kujengea wazazi wake Membley a five mansionette, hio pesa alitumia kufanya hivo,” Carol Katrue stated.

Membley is a posh residential area located Ruiru, Kiambu county.

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