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“By Now You Should Have Impregnated 60 Women” Andrew Kibe Takes On Sauti Sol’s Bien

Content creator Andrew Kibe has weighed on Bien Barazza’s plans to undergo vasectomy.

Bien caused a stir online last year when he revealed that he was willing to undergo the procedure even though he does not have a child yet.

Kibe however claims that that was not Bien’s sole decision but it was an influence from his wife Chiki Kuruka.

“That is the problem of guys from the village marrying women from urban areas. Town women will control you. This guy says he wants to get a vasectomy and in his head he thinks it is him who wants to get it. Is your mind okay? He would never have accepted that, it is the woman who doesn’t want children, not you. By now you should  you should have impregnated 60 women,” he said.

According to him, Bien had great genes that should not go to waste

“Bien is my height, 6’3. I have met him once. Pure African. Mine aside that guy is black, dark, genes, slave genes. If it is looking for slaves we start with Bien. We would have kept him somewhere in a factory so that his job is to provide sperms so that we impregnate women with,” the former radio presenter said.

He added that, “The only job would be feeding him and taking him to the gym so that we can get from him children with his height and body.”

He urged the Inauma singer to even dump his wife in case he has not done the vasectomy.

“Bien if you are listening to me now, you need to dump anybody, including that bitch of yours, who is putting ideas into your head,” he said.


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