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Brian Chira Wambui’s Personal Notebook Reveals He Was Feeling Empty And Sad

“”Even if I get that money, will I ever achieve true happiness? Will I still be lonely?” Brian Chira wrote.

The discovery of Brian Chira Wambui’s personal notebook has shed light on the inner struggles and emotional turmoil he faced before his untimely passing.

The notebook was found days after his burial as his family sorted through his belongings, revealing many reflections on loneliness and emptiness.

The emotional task of gathering Chira’s belongings from his house was done by his grandmother, accompanied by Baba T and others. They shared that they were instructed to clear out his belongings as the house was to be allocated to someone else. During this process, Baba T went live and shared a message from Chira’s notebook that resonated deeply with many.

In the heartfelt message, Chira expressed deep questions about the pursuit of happiness amidst material success.

He questioned whether acquiring wealth, luxurious possessions, and exotic vacations would ever fill the void and loneliness he felt inside.

The note painted a picture of a man struggling with emptiness despite outward achievements, revealed by scenes of solitude and contemplation in his apartment.

“Even if I get that money, will I ever achieve true happiness? Will I still be lonely? The luxurious car, fancy mansion and vacations to Mallorca, will that ever be enough? Will it fill the emptiness in my heart or the void in my soul? Laying on the bed, whiskey in one hand with the other firmly clutched on the remote, Brian looked around his apartment eyes scanning the room. All he had achieved up to this point,” the note read.

The contents of the message were relevant with many Kenyans, leaving them saddened by the depth of Chira’s emotional struggles.

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