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Betty Kyallo Speaks On Her Return To TV, Hints On The Station She Might Join

Celebrated media personality Betty Kyallo is considering returning to TV.

Betty revealed that she had changed her mind about never returning to the screens after attending the re-launch of Cape Media’s TV 47.

The mother of one said that she might comeback for the sake of her fans but noted that they should not expect her soon.

“Now that I am here and I am seeing all the razzmatazz about TV, I am actually considering. I can go back for my fans. My fans were special to me even if not for myself, just to do those shows that used to make people laugh and smile on a Friday evening.  I am feeling like it will not be a bad idea.

“I am not saying you expect me now. Coming here and seeing the whole excitement about TV and that was my main career I would not mind going back. It‚Äôs been three years but three fulfilling years of me doing so many other things that I always wanted to do, pursuing things that I never thought I would like Kyallo Kulture,‚ÄĚ Betty Kyallo said.

The Flair By Betty CEO further said that she misses the screens because of the instant feedback she used to receive from fans and their excitement.

She also said that she might drop her CV at TV47 on a light note  after a three-year hiatus on mainstream media.

‚ÄúTV 47 if you are hearing me‚ĶI just love the way tv 47 has relaunched. It is always refreshing to see media stations fighting for a distracted audience because of social media. The studios are gorgeous, I could see myself walking there,‚ÄĚ she said.

At the same time, Betty revealed that Dr. Ofweneke, whom they enjoy a cordial relationship with, informed her about an opportunity at the station.

“Ofweneke is my brother, like a month ago he calls me he says ‘Yo B kuna kazi’ I was just like TV 47? I told him you know what let’s take the conversation polepole hakuna haraka because we are shooting Kyallo Kulture, he is my brother we could definitely do a show with him but he is soo unserious,” she said.



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