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Betty Kyallo Narrates How Boyfriend Disappeared After She Was Hit By A Matatu

“Manze akaona venye sina uso, sikuwahi muona tena!” Betty Kyallo reveals.

Betty Kyallo recently opened up an accident that changed her life that has had a lasting impact on her. The incident from her teenage years not only left her with physical scars but also dramatically affected her first love, reshaping her perspective on love and relationships.

The incident took place when Betty Kyallo was a mere 17 years old, near the Railway Bus station. It became a turning point in her life, not only due to the injuries it inflicted on her face but also because of the far-reaching emotional implications it had on her love story.

After the accident, Kyallo endured a journey of seven surgeries to mend the damage inflicted upon her. The physical scars, while challenging, were not the only lasting impact. It was the effect this incident had on her first love that would alter the course of her life.

Betty Kyallo candidly shared how her romantic life was blossoming before the accident disrupted her world. She reminisced, “I fell in love. There was this guy who broke my heart, and he doesn’t like me talking about this story. We started dating during our first and second years in high school, and everything was going well. We used to meet over the weekends, and we were so close.”

However, as fate would have it, everything took an abrupt and painful turn when Kyallo reached her third year in high school and faced a life-altering accident. She was struck by a matatu (public minibus), which resulted in severe injuries and an extended hospital stay.

Betty KyalloRecounting the day of the accident, Kyallo shared, “Nilikuwa nimeenda date plus kwa daktari. So huyu msee ako pale kwa kona karibu na Afya Center. Na mimi natoka pale Railways navuka to the other side ndio niende nyuma. Nikienda kuvuka barabara nikachotwa na matatu… They pulled me from under the matatu wakanipeleka hosi. Sasa si niko hosi naendelea kupona. Huyu msee wangu akakuja. He came the first day manze akaona venye sina uso, sikuwahi muona tena.”

Betty Kyallo‘s facial injuries were severe, dramatically altering her appearance. Despite her boyfriend visiting her in the hospital initially, he couldn’t bear the transformation in her looks. The experience left an indelible mark on both of them.

Kyallo acknowledged, “But now I understand I am a grown-up. I think he was also traumatized because dem wako alikuwa msupuu, and now hana half of her face. Juu macho ilikuwa imeumia sometimes alikuwa anakam sikua namuona.”


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