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Bernice Saroni Calls Out Karen Nyamu For Illicit Affair With Samidoh

Bernice Saroni and Samidoh made headlines when the Mugithi singer was on tour in the US.

Samidoh made headlines when news broke out about his love affair with Karen Nyamu, a lawyer and politician. The two were allegedly involved in a romantic relationship for several months, which caused quite a stir on social media.

The news of their affair first surfaced amid doubt but Karen Nyamu finally ignited the whole situation-ship to the public. Looks like she was tired of being kept secretly like weed. a love heart emoji, sparking speculation about the nature of their relationship.

Later on, Samidoh publicly admitted to having an affair with Karen Nyamu and apologized to his fans for his actions. He revealed that he had impregnated Karen Nyamu and was taking responsibility for his actions.

The revelation caused a lot of controversy, especially among Samidoh’s fans, who were disappointed with him for cheating on his wife. However, the couple seems to have moved past the scandal and are currently co-parenting their child.

Last weekend, Bernice celebrated Edday and her daughter by posting her photo with the message,”Siz Edday nderitu Not only is this pic beautiful but Blessed Family. Keep slaying and shut them up with prayer….Nimo birthday was lit and Classy. #ProductOfGrace #ForeverTeamGoatWife!”

Samidoh and Edday Nderitu

Via her Facebook Page, Bernice says, “The worst thing of dating a married man you will always be in a world of competition, then jealousy weeeeh…I can’t!”

Her statement comes at a time when the two women in Samidoh’s life have been posting birthday photos of their kids, which he both attended.

Bernice says, she just can’t handle the competition because of jealousy.

Samidoh's Alleged Side Chick Bernice Saroni Defends Him Against Claims That He Is A Womanizer 

Despite the controversy, Samidoh has continued to release music and perform at various events. He remains one of the most popular Kikuyu musicians in Kenya, with a large following of fans who appreciate his unique style of music.

As for Karen Nyamu, she has continued to pursue her career in law and politics, while also being a mother to her child with Samidoh.

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