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“Yeye Ni Side Chick Tu!” Bernice Blames Karen Nyamu For Breaking Edday And Samidoh’s Marriage

“Kuna polygamy na umalaya!” “Shetani aliingia katikati!” Bernice Saroni speaks about Edday, Samidoh and Karen Nyamu.

The tumultuous relationship between Kenyan Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki and his wife, Edday Nderitu, has been the subject of public speculation and debate.

Bernice Saroni, Samidoh’s cousin, has recently addressed the situation, shedding light on her perspective and emphasizing that she played no part in the couple’s separation.

In a candid interview with vloggers, Bernice Saroni pointed the finger squarely at nominated senator Karen Nyamu, suggesting she is responsible for the relationship’s challenges.

Bernice Saroni made it abundantly clear in her interview that she bears no responsibility for Edday’s decision to leave Kenya and relocate to the United States.

She firmly stated that if anyone should be held accountable for this development, it should be Karen Nyamu.

In her own words, “That question, go and ask Karen Nyamu because she is Samidoh’s side chick. Not me. First of all, I wanna make this clear to all Kenyans when asking me if I’m the one who got Edith from Kenya, I am not Karen. If Edith left Kenya and went to the US or whatever decision she made, I’m not responsible for that. So they have to deal with Karen. People should keep me out of that,” she said.

Bernice SaroniWhen asked if she had discussed the possibility of reconciliation between her cousin Samidoh and Edday, Bernice declined to comment.

She maintained that their marital affairs are a deeply personal matter, and she would not intrude or offer unsolicited advice.

Bernice Saroni also revealed that she bears no ill will towards Senator Karen Nyamu and maintains a neutral stance in this complex situation. She emphasized that she has not wronged the senator and, therefore, sees no need to seek forgiveness from her.


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