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Azziad Angrily Slams Safaricom On Finding Out Her Fuliza Loan Limit Is Only Ksh300 Bob 


Azziad Nasenya doesn’t understand why her fuliza limit is a meager Ksh300 yet she transacts millions on her Safaricom line.

The actress expressed utter shock when she found out her loan limit on Safaricom’s M-Pesa application.

During a TikTok live session, the 23-year-old voiced her frustrations with Safaricom after she discovered her Fuliza loan limit was just 300 bob yet she transacts a lot of money.

“Let me tell you something guys, I am not the richest person but I like transact a lot of money,” Azziad lamented.

Azziad went on to note that she had never checked her Fuliza loan limit before but was finally persuaded by a friend to give it a try.

“I had never checked my fuliza limit, so I have this friend of mine called Pero. So about a week ago we were hanging out and she was like, ‘Ebu let us check your fuliza,’ and I was like, ‘Eehh hiyo wachana nayo,’ but she insisted and we checked.

“Eeehh tell me why my loan limit was just Ksh300. How is my fuliza limit Ksh300? Make it make sense,” Azziad lamented.

Azziad further demanded an explanation why her fuliza is 300 bob when she transacts a lot of money daily on her line.

“Like, I think I transact a fair amount of cash, almost like weekly… daily… I don’t know…but eehh, how is my Fuliza limit Sh300? I don’t get it, someone explain it to me. I thought the more you transact the more your limit is supposed to increase?” Azziad remarked.

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